About Us

Our Pizza Place is a family start-up that began in November 2019 in the heart of Fish Hoek, Cape Town, not long before the first lockdown. As a family we put our heads and hearts together and were blessed with the opportunity and team to make a difference in the Valley.

Our vision is to deliver top quality pizza and gelato to every household in Cape Town and beyond.

We are passionate about leading our business by our core values – Family, Time, Transparency, Continuous Improvement and Communication. Our approach to business is far more than just to make money. It’s to be able to create a shared value for the communities in which we operate and to do so in a sustainable manner.

So what makes our pizzas stand out, you may ask? We try as best we can to use only locally produced, fresh ingredients. Our Pizza Place bases are made daily using stoneground flour which is 100% natural, GMO-free, unbleached and additive and preservative free. Our pizzas are wood-fired, giving them a unique smokey flavour that is impossible to replicate in an electrical or gas oven!

And our gelato? Well if you haven’t tried this you’ve been missing out! All our gelato is made at our shop with the highest quality ingredients. Rest assured, we’ve taste tested the multiple flavours over and over and can confirm that each of them meets our very high standard. Ask to throw your favourite gelato into the milkshake blender if you’re craving a drinkable dessert and you’ve got yourself another winner!

We hope that we can deliver pizza and gelato to your door really soon. Welcome to Our Pizza Place family!